THYRAGE is a EC funded H2020 research project that will investigate the effects of thyroid hormone on a wide range of age-related diseases, including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, neurological disorders and sarcopenia. Knowledge generated in this innovative project is needed to develop new strategies to prevent and treat these diseases in the elderly.

42nd Annual Meeting of the European Thyroid Association

published: 15-09-2019 11:48
From the 7th to the 10th of September, several THYRAGE investigators attended the 42nd Annual Meeting of the European Thyroid Association (ETA) in Budapest, Hungary.


The four day conference had a comprehensive programme including both clinical and basic research sessions, as well as interesting satellite symposia and poster sessions. Partners from the THYRAGE consortium were very well represented at the meeting, including as members of the organisational committee, chairs of scientific sessions and presenting their work.
On Sunday morning the 8th of September Andrea Pollard from the group of our partners Graham Williams and Duncan Bassett and our partner Domenico Salvatore presented their work on the role of thyroid hormones in bone and muscle during a session on thyroid hormone regulation in inflammation and repair for which our partner Monica Dentice was one of the chairs. Later that day, young researchers for THYRAGE Cristina Luongo and Pieter Vancamp both had an oral presentation during the session on thyroid hormone, metabolism and action chaired by our partner Csaba Fekete.
On Monday morning the 9th of September, young THYRAGE researcher Lucille Butruille had the opportunity to share her findings on the role of thyroid hormones in the neural stem cell fate. In the afternoon our partner Barbara Demeneix was scheduled for a meet the expert session on endocrine disruptors, which due to unplanned circumstances was successfully substituted by one of her young group members Pieter Vancamp. The day ended with a great conference dinner.
On the last day of the conference, young THYRAGE researcher Nicolien van Vliet presented the preliminary results of her project on thyroid function and circulating metabolites in one of the morning sessions. In the afternoon, our partner Csaba Fekete shared his latest insights in the regulation of thyrotropin releasing hormone.
Moreover, several young group members of our partners Csaba Fekete and Balázs Gereben presented their research during the various poster sessions throughout the conference. And last but not least, Barbara Demeneix was awarded the European Thyroid Journal Lecture Award for her extraordinary contributions to the field of thyroidology and endocrine disruptors.
It was a highly informative and inspiring meeting with plenty of opportunities for strengthening partnerships and sparking new collaborations!