THYRAGE is a EC funded H2020 research project that will investigate the effects of thyroid hormone on a wide range of age-related diseases, including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, neurological disorders and sarcopenia. Knowledge generated in this innovative project is needed to develop new strategies to prevent and treat these diseases in the elderly.


Lelystad, the Netherlands
Pepscan Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical SME with ~25 employees that is applying its profound understanding of peptides for the discovery of new therapeutic drug as well as for a range of specialty peptide products and services. Current projects focus on development of (CLIPS-based) therapeutic peptides interfering with Protein-Protein Interactions.

The main focus of the work will be the design, synthesis and construction of the TH-peptide constructs that are needed for cell-specific delivery of TH modulators in the various target cells. Pepscan will also bring its expertise in dissemination and commercialization of project results and help to bring positive pre-clinical results from the project into the next stages of development.

Prof. Peter Timmerman

Chief Scientific Officer
Pepscan Therapeutics B.V.

Prof. Peter Timmerman was trained as a supramolecular chemist and was a former teacher in academics (Univ. Twente, 1995-2001). He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer of Pepscan and drives novel advances in the development of therapeutic peptides and also protein mimicry technology for therapeutic antibody and vaccine development. One of his achievements involves the development of a therapeutic vaccine against Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), which is currently in Phase-I/IIa clinical testing in humans at the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam. Since March 2007 he holds a part-time professorship ("Protein Mimetic Chemistry") at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) where he runs a small research group. He is a co-author of over 80 scientific articles.

Dr. Gaston J.J. Richelle

Senior Scientist
Pepscan Therapeutics B.V.

Dr. Gaston Richelle obtained his PhD cum laude at the University of Amsterdam, during which he closely collaborated with a.o. Pepscan Therapeutics, EnzyPep, Leiden University and UMCU. Upon finishing his PhD, he immediately started as a senior scientist at Pepscan. Besides several high-impact publications, his PhD work directly led to a patent. Furthermore, he was invited to join Roche Continents in 2015, a gathering of 100 talented European science students, and he was selected by the American Chemical Society as one of the 23 SciFinder Future Leaders in 2017.