THYRAGE is a EC funded H2020 research project that will investigate the effects of thyroid hormone on a wide range of age-related diseases, including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, neurological disorders and sarcopenia. Knowledge generated in this innovative project is needed to develop new strategies to prevent and treat these diseases in the elderly.

Management structure

Project Management
Diana van Heemst
Charlotte van Beuzekom
Ana Zutinic

Project Steering Committee (one representative from each partner)                                 
Diana van Heemst                                                              
Sylvie Remaud                                                                    
Graham Williams                                                                 
Monica Dentice 
Bálazs Gereben 
Peter Timmerman

Executive Board
(WP leaders)
WP1: Diana van Heemst 
WP2: Csaba Fekete
WP3: Duncan Bassett
WP4: Peter Timmerman
WP5: Rudi Westendorp / Diana van Heemst

Bioethical & Safety Board 
Domenico Salvatore 
Hanno Pijl 

Exploitation Monitoring Board
Barbara Demeneix
Peter Timmerman

Scientific Advisory Board
Prof.dr. Helen Griffiths (University of Surrey, Guildford, UK)
Prof.dr. Roberto Di Lauro (University of Naples, Naples, Italy)
Prof.dr. Robert Liskamp (University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland)